7 Lifestyle Tips to Cope Up with the New Normal Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

5 min readJul 22, 2021


The COVID-19 pandemic introduced us to a lot of changes and new things. For starters, it has caused a lot of changes in the way people live. It has ushered in the “new normal” era where various experiences and sentiments frequently accompany life changes. The shift to the new standard might be easy at times, but it can also be choppy or downright rough at other times!

Several people seem to find themselves in survival mode, collecting information and resources needed to function at school, jobs, individuals, and interpersonal relationships. Others might be trying to get used to their new habits. For some, this may imply attempting to overcome social isolation. It entails learning (or relearning) how to live (or relive) with friends, relatives, partners, or housemates, which isn’t always straightforward. Here are a few tips that you can use to cope with the new normal:

Do Things Virtually

This is something that you must have experienced by now. According to an article from The Pew Research Center, 71% of Americans worked from home back in December 2020. That number was just 20% right before the outbreak of the pandemic. What’s even more significant is that 54% of adult Americans would like to continue working from home even after the pandemic.

Whether or not you have experienced working from home, you need to explore the possibilities of what it can do for you. The virtual world offers so many opportunities, not just for work. You can do almost anything now through the internet.

Set Aside Time for Working Out

One of the new everyday problems is it reduces the chances for you to get physical activity. This is because instead of going out and traveling, you are just staying at home. So if you are not careful, then you would lose chances of getting enough exercise.

What you need to do is set a specific time for you to exercise. According to the Mayo Clinic, you need to get 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise. If you want to do something more vigorous, then it should be half of that time.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to find time for you to exercise. The most challenging part sometimes is getting started. Maybe you can find some buddies that you can work out with and do calls while exercising.

Buy Stuff Online

E-commerce has been steadily rising in the past few years, but the pandemic definitely pushed it to new heights. Online sales reached more than $790 billion back in 2020. A lot of people who never used e-commerce before discovered the convenience of buying stuff online.

Buying things online is a significant part of the new normal. Therefore, you should explore the things that you can buy through the internet. You will be surprised at the number of options that are available to you.

Stay at Home and Chill

Some of the things that people did when they go out to have fun were affected by the pandemic. For example, eating out or watching a movie is not as popular now as it was before. However, you can explore the new usual alternatives to these. For example, instead of watching a movie at a theatre, you can just stay home and enjoy watching it from a streaming service.

Or if you want to have a romantic dinner, don’t eat out. Just stay at home and prepare your dinner on your own. You can explore so many more options while staying safe in your home. Use your imagination and your sense of fun.

Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep

One of the severe problems you might face when working from home is finding it challenging to delineate your working time from your personal time. When you go to the office to work, you know exactly when your professional time ends. As a result, it is literally possible to leave your work behind.

That’s not easy when you’re working from home, leading to a lack of sleep. What you can do to counter this is you can schedule your sleeping time and stick to it. That’s easier said than done, but you should give it a try.

Maintain Your Connections

Your social life may also suffer because of the pandemic. You may not see your friends as often as you would like to. You don’t have to meet your friends face to face just to maintain your connection with them. Instead, you can arrange a virtual party with them.

You can also pick a friend each day that you will message through social media. So there are a lot of ways that you can maintain your connections now.

Learn Something

Do you find yourself with more time in your hands now? Well, this might be the perfect opportunity to learn something new. For example, you can take this chance to learn a new language or maybe you can start dancing. Don’t waste the opportunity to do something productive.

There are a lot of courses that you can study online. Some of those courses even offer certificates from reputable institutions of higher learning. You should make the most out of the extra time that you have.

The pandemic really caused a lot of changes to the lives of a lot of people. But you can adapt your lifestyle to fit into the new normal. So don’t let the pandemic beat you.




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