Helpful Gift Ideas For Kids That Are Not Toys

4 min readJun 25, 2021


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Kids are crazy about toys. If you think about the top gifts for kids, most people, including kids themselves, will tell you that toys are your best option. Sadly, they aren’t. According to a group of experts working on a toy-free kindergarten, toys inhibit children’s creativity. They discovered that taking toys away from youngsters helped them develop qualities like teamwork, organization, and creativity.

Kids love to learn as much as they can about the world, and it’s a huge plus if they can do so while having fun. There are plenty of toys that can help teach kids something about the world.

For babies, toys with different shapes or textures should be enough to introduce some new things.

Meanwhile, you can help toddlers develop the qualities you want in their lives by encouraging people to give them gifts that aren’t toys. Teach them the value of time together, cultivating friendships from experiences, gratefulness, and a more simple way of life in a home that isn’t cluttered with stuff.

This article will go through the best options you can use when giving children gifts and going beyond toys. You’ll be surprised to know that there are plenty of alternatives that you can go for.

To help you out, we have listed some of them below:

Tickets to an Event

What are the memories that you are most fond of? Chances are that you remember when you went to an event with your parents or with your siblings. Whether you went to the park or you watched a show for kids, those are memories that stayed with you even when you are older.

Just think of the impact that an event would have on kids, and maybe that would be more worth it than a simple toy. But, of course, the event would have to be appropriate for the age of the child.


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This is one of the more obvious answers here. If you want a gift that can give children real value, you won’t find a better choice than books. There are all kinds of books that are aimed at children. From the illustrated children’s books to the young adult novels that are so popular, you will not lack options.

Just make sure that you pick titles that would be appropriate for the child.

Children’s Magazine Subscriptions

This is a lot like books, but magazine subscriptions are different because they would regularly get it. Pick a topic that the child is interested in and look for a kid’s magazine that focuses on that topic.

In this day and age where kids can get all the info they need through the internet, there is still something fun and exciting about getting regular copies of magazines.


If you want to take things to the next level and want a gift that can benefit the child recipient, why not a class? There are all kinds of styles that are available for children these days.

If you know about the child’s passion, then there could be a class being offered for that in particular. For example, if a kid likes to dance, maybe you can pay for a few dancing lessons. If you noticed that a child wants to draw, then pay for his drawing classes.

You never know. Those classes can be the start of a lifelong passion.


This gift idea is for older kids, but it can still be a great way to build up passion in kids. For example, if there is a zoo or a museum in your area, maybe you can give a child membership to those places so that they can attend regularly. To the right child, memberships to those places can be a ticket to a whole new world of wonders.

Piggy Bank

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Do you want the child to learn more about how to use money? Well, you can give them an old-school piggy bank. Then, they can know the value of saving up by trying to fill that piggy bank.

Musical Instrument

Music is one of the best things that you can share with a child. You can develop their passion for music at an early age. For small children, you can use toy instruments that mimic the real thing but are still playable.

For the older kids, you can give the actual instruments which they can play. While you’re at it, maybe you can pay for their lessons on how to play the tools as well. That way, you can get them going on the path to developing their musical career.

These are just some of the gifts for kids that are not toys that you can use. Instead, these are all aimed at helping them to learn something new about the world.




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