Self Made Entrepreneur, Alexandra Nicole Nolan,
Shares her Tips for Work-Life Balance

3 min readMay 25, 2021


In a culture that seems to revolve around work, many people have no understanding of work-life balance, yet achieving this so-called “balance” could be the key to a happy family, and a happier you!

Before we dive in on Alexandra’s tips for achieving work-life balance, it is important to define the concept.

Work-life balance is the equilibrium where a person can equally prioritize their career and personal life demands. “One of the most common reasons for this equilibrium to be thrown off is the act of being a “YES” person,” explains Alexandra. “Trying to be everything for everyone to keep the waves at bay for smooth sailing ultimately ends up creating chaos within and throwing your balance for a loop.” Alexandra is a mom and multi-entrepreneur who has been featured in Forbes, Yahoo, and New York Weekly Post for her achievements. She is the Founder and CEO of City Chic Living ( and The Confident Boss (

She is currently working towards her Ph.D. in Marketing while also taking courses in Cognitive Psychology to further understand emotions, development, and consumer behavior. Working for corporate America and then starting her own ventures, Alexandra has 14 years of workforce experience and her fair share of trial and error for life balance.

Below we will share 4 of Alexandra’s tips for achieving work-life balance for a less stressful you.

Stick to Your Hours

“I know this seems easier said than done, but after years of working 12 hour days, not only was I exhausted, but my family relationships started to suffer. I kept telling myself that I need to put the work in now to relax later down the road and live my best life. The problem was, while I was busy focusing on reaching business success, my family was royally failing! The only thing that saved my family and my sanity was to set strict hours for myself and stick with them.” explains Alexandra. “If someone reaches out to me past those work hours and it is not a travesty that needs to be handled immediately, I politely reply that I will get on it tomorrow and go back to enjoying my husband and sweet boys.”

Conduct a “Me Day”

“Sounds self-centered because it is, and it’s ok! The world seems to frown on those who focus on themselves but honestly, you need to take time to love you and spoil you, so you can have the mental strength to fuel your family,” says Alexandra. “I choose two days a year to schedule a spa appointment, have lunch and cocktails, do a little shopping, and catch a movie, and I do it all alone. Spending time with yourself to pamper and self-care is a must to reset the body and keep the mind balanced.”

Create a Zen Space

“This sounds fancier than it is. Just add your pizzaz to your workspace. I have pictures of my family, a fun post-it-note holder, my favorite podcast playing, and a soothing crackling candle. When you feel like you are in your realm, you can be more efficient and effective to hammer out your work and make it home for dinner around the table.”

Just Say No

As she alluded to earlier, Just Say No! “I think the best advice I was ever given from a fellow entrepreneur is to just say no. You are neglecting yourself by filling your time with other people’s needs. Now, I am a mother and know that my children and husband need me. For those love bugs, I make time and give myself, but to all of the other people that seem to be pulling your arms and legs in every direction, prioritize what you will agree to and just politely say no to all the others.”

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